• Monday, January 21st, 2019

My dedication to America, mother of the world, and world healthy life psychology and philosophy. Pretty quickly America was create and born mother of the world. Born on God land, Mother Earth, God creation, God land. Create only from love and for love. Without any life borders and walls. Just enough land for every creature to be able share healthy and peacefully with love and for love. So far daily life reality underneath the sky exist, why exist because this world still exist. And daily life reality is witness, healthy mother of the world did not build any walls or dividers between they children in this world yet. So far many cold graves underneath the sky exist. But not one grave which could whole wide world share together. Thank you God, and thank you very much. Healthy minds, mothers and fathers of the world, and thank you my second beautiful mother. America mothers of the world, one world grave so far was not create yet, God please help us all in the world.

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