• Wednesday, December 05th, 2018

I wonder, how long our Mother Earth will suffer and cry. America Election 2016, Hillary Clinton did not win, world women’s mothers, children, and healthy strong men did not win. America and rest of the world, love, and peace did not win, and also my life philosophy did not win and will not win. Before they silent cover the earth, but will never die. God forgive me, seems to me, in our present time, some of the world, very big world was just born, and cannot cry, like normal children do, in first hours when they are born. Cries for mother’s help. Sad moon and planets, our mother earth cry, for us and asking too many of us in this world where we was born, question which we never should answer. Because healthy life cannot and will not believe. I wonder, how long our mother earth, will suffer and cry

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