• Monday, April 03rd, 2017

World number one, in 21st century we facing only two life choices, live peacefully together or fight, and die together. Because power, modern technology, our human creation will not help us. Number two, playing life game with nature, human being is and will be big and sick, deadly life loser. Number three, world don’t ever try play dirty life game with mother America. Because winner will not be able exist underneath the sky. World help America, one mother of the world. World I promise you helping America, you will help entire nature live underneath the sky. And also, I promise us, American if we like to live underneath same sky with rest of the world, we have to fight world only with love and respect for God creation. Fight only with love on two way life road. ¬†American let’s start it fight today. Because tomorrow could be too late. Definitely only love still can help this world. Thank you God for beautiful, peaceful, visible, but unmeasurable power, love. World if I am young man, I will tell you tomorrow, what I telling you today, and if I don’t love you, world I will be able forget and take with me in my grave.

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