• Saturday, November 26th, 2016

I Love You Nature
Native American
Native American, if planet earth is divided in half I will be very happy. Stay on nature side, and share my life with beautiful nature, Native American. World I strongly believe so and healthy wise world will stay on nature side, safety and healthy life side. Only and only, healthy life power, which money cannot buy and devil lead and destroy.
Tell Me One Healthy Life Reason
Why Can I Trust Money and World Science
I trust nature love. Pure nature energy power, God creation. I don’t trust human promises, medicine, vaccine, life poison, and unpromise, human hate.
Normally Bad Is Planted
Life education, do you know
Why bad grow because most of the time bad thinking is planted, transplanted, and grow and is life education fall.
Step by Step from Devil Away
World when you pray and allow God, you walking step by step from devil away.
Very Big Lead This World
People we all like to be big and biggest as can be, big. Book educated and known, but how we think, live, and how human promises lead us all. No one can be biggest stupid then existing stupid, who lead us all on this earth. Farway from God creation, beautiful nature.
Most of The Science Don’t Know
For every human being who live on this earth. Is most important to know what our modern technology and most of the world science don’t know. How to live, healthy peaceful lives on this earth, with nature and God.
American Dollar Is Not Our Good Healthy Friend
Dollar destorying our life and health. Without nature, pure energy help.
American Together, Why Not Win Together
American can we tell to ourself, without political help. Why our political leaders very quickly forgive each other. And we people, who vote for them never stop fight each other for them. Who always win and why. And never lose, why not?
One My Childhood Day
Remind Me On World Science Today
Most of them, world science very often remind me on one my chidhood day. Staying underneath tall pear tree, and throwing rock in one pear. Rock which fall on my head. Many years pass by and I still feel same pain, when I think about our world science. How about you world, I don’t mean numb world, I mean wise world. Do you feel any pain, or life pressure? When you think about world science. And what happen to nature health.
Thank You God Soon As You Can
World what happen to our lives? With what kind of life promise we can live? Without nature and God, pure nature energy, daily help. World we facing life system, human creation. System which telling us, and promising us, whole wide world, long as we live. Daily suffering, will increase, and I Radenko Fanuka, handy man, God and his nature helper telling you world, daily we will pray, asking God for help. Soon as he can, help us to die. Thank you God, soon as you can.
World what is worst, killing unborn?
World what is worst, killing unborn? Or invite born to this earth. To take first unhealthy breathe, dirty air, drink unhealthy water, and eat unhealthy food. World did we say, goodbye nature or will we say goodbye nature?
World help nature, Native American
Native American, what happen to you and rest of nature in 21st century, will happen to whole wide world, but 100% worse. World help Native American, nature before nature destory us all, on this earth, without any promises.

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