• Friday, June 18th, 2010

Radenko Fanuka America, America


My left wing, my right wing

In the year 2008 you were wounded

You lost many feathers

You were badly wounded

You cannot land like you always did

My left wing, my right wing

Poor people are waiting

Please land


America, America

What happened to you

Promises died

Soldiers are fighting and dying

Poor people’s pockets are empty

Pants are too big

Days are painful and long

My left wing, my right wing

What happened to you in 2008?


America, America

Bottom of the sea is bleeding

Seawaves are drowning

Seaworld is dying

Just like the poor people seaworld is waiting for help

Oil swims too far too close

All 2008’s promises died

My left wing, my right wing

Our beautiful America

What’s happening to you?



Ending is the Beginning

My Love, if I die in spring or winter

And you’re still living

There is something I would like you to do

If you remember, you bought a plant on Mothers’ Day, in honor of our Virgin Mary’s statue

That plant didn’t’ die because I planted it close to Virgin Mary’s left side

Slowly, very carefully pull a few sprouts with roots

And bring them to my grave

Plant the young sprouts on my grave

But not too deep

Please, not too deep

Let the sprouts grow

Let the sprouts live


My Love, if I die in summer or fall

Bring a big stone as big as you can carry in your arms

Lay the stone on top of my grave

It doesn’t matter how you turn the stone

The stone has only one face

Leave the stone there

And go home

Please, don’t forget the plant which you bought on Mother’s Day

In honor of our Virgin Mary

The plant which I planted on the left side

Close to Virgin Mary’s heart

And nourished with my heart

My Love, please, you do the same


Wisdom has a Mother and a Father like you and me.


What couldn’t God have created without a woman? It exists.


There is no better wisdom than Mother Earth’s soil and Mother’s breast wisdom.


Wisdom, a woman is an immeasurable power and many Mothers like Mother earth, are single Moms.


WISDOM and MOTHER EARTH, Father SKY is a real man. He has never yet been underneath.


WISDOM, If the devil doesn’t exist, why would life philosophy exist?


No matter what it is, good healthy work is the devil’s worst enemy.


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