• Thursday, June 03rd, 2010

I lived in Europe with the poor for 21 years and they didn’t and couldn’t give me anything. I left them and some of them I helped with the American dollar, with clothing and with my own heart. Since then, most of them have died but I know how much they loved God and America because I, too, prayed with them daily. They passed on but they did not forget America. American land, American people live underneath the big sky, the big sky, the world of the immigrants, – an invisible everlasting power – love. An inseperable love is not far.

Yesterday I heard a very beautiful voice, which deeply touched my wounded immigrant heart. I heard a three year old immigrant child say to his Mother, “Mommy, mommy, let’s do it again.” America, world of the immigrants, we can do it as we always have, with love, again and again. Keep America beautiful and strong. We can do it. We can tell our world, our cities and towns where we used to live, we can tell all of the graves where some of our parents and grandparents are resting, we can tell our brothers and sisters that we love them and that we are okay. Mommy, Mommy, America, our Mother, let’s do it again and again. We, immigrants, love our world and want to keep AMERICA, safe and strong.

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