• Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I would be a lucky writer, if I could say that everything we do was healthy and beautiful. We, could be a great generation. What God created, however, IS ALL healthy and beautiful, if we could learn how to find it, seize it, put it together and use it, daily. I wish that two people, black and white, could unify themselves as one color, in our minds, as well as in our hearts, but that is not the case. In too many ways, we are insulting God’s creations, as pollination and cross pollination occurs. We insult earth’s soil, Mothers and Fathers. We insult the power of black night and white day. We insult Mothers and Mother’s white milk, which always has, and always will, nourish this Nature and this world. Our president of the U. S., Mr. Barack Obama, is not black, and He is not white, but he is just like ME and YOU, a human being. World, if you believe in God and the power of His Nature, stop stealing and saying, “This is mine.” Stop lying, stop destroying Mother earth and genes of the unborn children, wisdom’s wounded genes. I am a writer who has many wishes, and I am someone who can see the possibility of the future’s existing life’s dreams. World, I am leaving you where you can’t leave me. Two can make one, ONE made it all.

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