• Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

This is dedicated to the American people, the Democratic and the Republican party, 2008’s Election Day, and every newspaper and magazine. I WAS “THERE” and ended up in America. I tasted and passed through the needle’s eye. I tasted the regime, the political party and the pressure. American people and the world, if you like to live a peaceful and a beautiful, healthy life, plug up both of your ears. Follow each days daylight, from sunrise to sunset. Work, and your life will definitely be helped, and you will be able to help those who are unable to work. Please help the lazy and those who dislike and don’t want to work – DON’T help them! Before I go to my final resting place, I’d like to see my everlasting dream playing on a big screen titled, “Work and America, ONE Beautiful Regime.” Hollywood movie makers, I can help you. I have a few titles which resemble and taste like my writing. You can teach me and I will teach you.

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