• Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

During the Presidential Debate of 2008, Senator John McCain delivered a beautiful worthwhile, friendly message to the wisdom of the world, not too early and not too late. WISDOM, the debate between the fruit and the mature fruit tree was extremely enjoyable. It was a debate between a strong new wind and a familiar early blooming spring. America, it is not too early, but for you, it could be too late, to blossom. America’s and the wisdom of the world, psychology, bottom and top life philosophy, please wake up! This world is falling apart. America IS the heart of the World. John McCain possesses a huge human power which is, perhaps, higher than his own political power. I strongly believe that with the help of John McCain and OUR HELP, the earth’s soil, the women and the children, our entire world’s healthy economy, we will BE AIDED. Our world lacks more than anything, HONESTY, PEACE, and LOVE, which I believe John McCain will deliver.

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