• Friday, October 14th, 2005

Grandpa, who ate it? These are the words of an echo I often hear. I also hear the whispers of nature. It’s attempting to tell me, and all of us, that our unresolved questions have already been answered before nature has ever been created. I am fascinated by human mind and God’s creations, and I have been observing both, ever since I can remember. Word smart causes me to ponder and it continuously brings me unrest. I find only one truth in all of God’s creations. Truth is truth, just as the word good is good. Good has not, and will not, alter its well known “taste” and its reputable value. Need I say more than, “God is good?” A good word can have the power to enable an ill person to get out of bed and walk. A good word can help preserve our health, and it can aid our mind and body in many different ways. A good word, in my opinion, is the best medicine we can find. There is no one who can change a simple good word. You might ask, “Is there another life that could be better than a simple life?” No, I don’t think there is. Our life requires goodness and simplicity. Our life, our health, comes from somewhere, and I believe if we want to be healthy, we should know what that source is.

I often compare my life to the life of the green plants that grow in my garden. Their life and health comes through the tiny tips at the end of the roots, which must be nourished daily by healthy food. Our bodies and minds essentially require the same healthy nutrients. We must evaluate and be able to recognize the healthy foods.

When earth was created, our life and health were planned within the same confinement of a vase, as that of nature. It was planned and nourished with love, and then watered with one truth. That truth came from pure air, water and food. THIS IS IT. It is one end of the TRUTH. Who will search for more or less? No one, except for the word, NOTHING. Pure air, pure water, and pure food. What now? Whose boat will carry us over to the other side?

I hear those same words again, “Grandpa, where is it? Who ate it? It’s not here.” These are heart-breaking words for me to hear. Why do bad things happen to good people? Who should we ask, why did bad things happen to our good nature?

I have always loved working in my little garden, in my spare time. I plant various kinds of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. It gives me an enormously satisfying feeling to know that my family and some of my closest friends will be eating my organically grown food. A few days ago I sat in my kitchen, staring at my garden. Suddenly, the thought of having some leftover food, popped into my mind. My five year old grandson happened to be with me, so I asked him “Can you get me some food?” He ran quickly to where the refrigerator stood, opened the door and began to search for the leftovers on all four shelves. When he didn’t find any he said, “Grandpa, where is it? It’s not here. Who ate it?” I could clearly see a picture of our earth being held in God’s hands as one big plate filled with pure organic foods, as it once was. I, then, envisioned the four seasons as my four refrigerator shelves. They are loaded with food, but the organic food is lacking. My final image was of technology. It appeared to me as a rusty nail without a head. Once again, I heard, “Grandpa, where is it? It’s not here. Who ate it?”

It’s extremely sad. Whose power brought us and left us standing up against a high wall, a wall too high to climb?

I left out a tiny detail that I meant to tell you earlier. It was my wife who ate the leftover food from our refrigerator. When I asked her why she ate it, she simply replied, “What are we planting in our garden this spring?” Her choice of good, smart words had an immediate calming effect on me. I asked myself, “Can I go on?” Within the same breath I answered myself, “Sure I can, but only if I can follow the unpaved road, nature’s steps, and God’s good name.

Whether we like to hear it or not, all decision making was done without our consent, and before the creations were created. It’s a sad philosophy. Nature is good, but for some of us, however, good seems not to be good enough. Some of us like to be called SMART. I often think about what could happen if someone from nature decided to bring his name up to the pedestal and wanted to be called SMART.

God is good. He can forgive. His nature, on the other hand, cannot. If nature is unable to help us, the question WHY could be the very last question posed by mother nature to us.

My wife asked me what we were planning to plant in our garden this coming spring. I strongly believe it is essential that we learn how to be good “farmers” and how to treat our four colorful seasons of the year. I also believe God would be smiling down on us and HE would be content to hear that the four seasons, the four colorful seasons of our future days, could be called black, white, yellow and red.

Our earth is truly beautiful and rich. However, we, its inhabitants, have never fully unwrapped the package, or the gift given to us by God. We continue searching for more. We are attempting to look for something that will enable us to live a healthy, peaceful life on earth, and our search, I believe, cannot be fulfilled. We must first walk back, find God’s package given to us long ago, and reexamine it very slowly and carefully. It is in this package, in this gift, that we may perhaps, find the smallest living thing which directly or indirectly destroys life on earth. In this package we may also find a certain scent, use it and work with it, so that our lives, our health, and many lives of the rest of nature can be helped and restored to good health, without any harm done to anyone.

I am certain that God has not abandoned us. He put us on this earth. It was his touch that enabled us to have the power to have everything that is essential to our life and health. The question remains, “Will we be smart enough to search for it?”

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