• Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

I, Radenko Fanuka, was born in 1939 and lived through the unforgettable, unbearable days of WWII. During my early childhood years, I remember, I was often bitten by flies. They woke me up and motivated me to think and so did the human mind. It made me think, cry and suffer. Many flies were present during the atrocities of the war and they witnessed the unbearable truth. In fact, a large fly population existed at that time.

It is now the year 2005 and not too many flies are flying around. What has happened to them and why? They were simply flies. The new remarkable history was made very quickly and its traces of some old answers will be left behind. Why?

Entire nature has been hurt and badly wounded. Our life and the life of healthy nature require clean air, clean water and pure organic food. Is this the only truth? If it is not the truth, then it is whatever it is. Yes, entire nature is badly wounded, but does anyone have an answer bearing the truth? Is it possible that there could be anything worse from what has happened to us, than this truth?

Nature’s healthy philosophy stems from two ends, like a dormant seed that’s attempting to grow. One end anchors itself and the other end grows to the extended healthy point.
I often wonder what has happened somewhere down the line to life’s purposeful, healthy source of education? Where have we been all this time, and with what were we preoccupying ourselves? We began to beat an empty straw and we continue this futile task.

I am asking you to please help me find the proper word which I am unable to find. It is the word which could fulfill the daily lives of our children. For quite a few years I have observed one clear image of our nature and I have come to a realization that someone has used philosophy in a similar way as if a tree were planted without roots. Nature’s rightful responsibility was ignored and overtaken by man. Without nature’s help are we able to control our lives and health? My simple answer is No.

Life on earth has always been a priority to me. Man has left his footprints on the moon and we are in constant search of other planets and other forms of life. If we do find what we are looking for, and if someone happens to ask us one question and for one truth, would we be able to give it to them? What are we looking for and why? What is it that we still have not found on earth? My belief is that life most likely does exist on some other planet, but not without a fly.

You must forgive me, because although it is the 21st century, I am still occupying myself with the simple fly. I do believe that people and flies have certain things in common. Directly, or indirectly in the past and in the present man has destroyed lives, senselessly. The fly has two reasons for its destructions. It’s obvious that no matter where we go, we find some flies. Flies can touch anything that we are able to touch with our fingers or our tongues. If pungent odor were to be placed by our food we would be repulsed, and so would a fly.

Directly or indirectly, flies have harmed or destroyed some plants, the fruit and the trees they grew on, especially the peach trees and its peaches. I have reached a conclusion that there are herbs which possess a pungent odor. It is this strong smell which helps to chase away the flies and save the fruit trees, as well as the unripened fruit, from long suffering and an early death. These harmless herbs can improve our health and save many lives. God created herbs which will not destroy anyone’s life.

The best way to find peace, love and live a beautiful healthy life on earth is to be close to one another and help each other. Plants, too, can help each other and they will tell us one truth.
My belief is that life without balance is similar to a tree whose roots are rotting away. Balance is powered by the almighty, and not by evil. My hope and prayers are that God will allow us to walk into his hands, and that he will help us to understand the meaning of balance. It seems to be somewhat misunderstood or lost. We must not allow the control of the birds, other animals and human lives to be possessed by the flies, and leave them with the question – why?

Our earth is in desperate need of help, respect and love. There is no time to be wasted. Nature’s powers enable it to heal rapidly. Let us start planting dandelions, herbs and anything green, and let’s stop destroying what can enable us to have food, fresh air and medicine. The time to start is now, otherwise, we may witness a day when human tears water our soil.

When nature was first created by God, it was given love and everything else to sustain itself and life of man on earth. Time has come for us to find what was given to us. Then we must use it and share it among ourselves. God’s small creations had a big purpose in mind. Small things can tell us what real love is.
When you read my writing, you might be curious about who I am, so I will tell you a bit about myself. My early life was simple and humble. I was born in Croatia on the island of KRK. It’s a beautiful island surrounded by the clear, blue Adriatic Sea. I walked barefoot and wore mended clothes for most of my early years, and I can still remember the taste of dry bread crumbs. I completed four years of grammar school which were followed by three years of apprenticing at the cabinetry school.

Nature was something I began to love and admire at an early age. I spent most of my young days on my parents’ farm where I was able to appreciate nature and observe its abundant gifts to man. Although today I am a family man and living in the suburbs of New York City, nature has remained my best friend who heals my wounds. It is my basic interest in life, besides my family and friends. I loved writing ever since I can remember and in 2004 I was fortunate enough to publish my first book, Reflections: Personalizing Life, Nature, Man and God.

My writing contains one purpose, one hope and one wish. I would like to help someone, somewhere, somehow. I hope other established writers, as well as those who will be born with this great gift to write, will feed all our children with their healthy words.

Children need to be taught how to think and what to think. Writers, teachers, healers and parents, this job is ours.

I wish to leave you with my words the same way the last fallen rain left its raindrops hanging off the tips of the green leaves, so that the wind would shake them down. May they both fall where they must.

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